Lucas Escalada

Nom de la Collection: The Ideal Woman


Lucas Nguema Escalada is an award-winning internationally renowned fashion designer from Equatorial Guinea. The Founder of Mujer Ideal (The ideal woman) organization with the aim of promoting the empowerment of women by honouring women and organizations who are dedicated to improving women’s social and economic status, developing female role models, through social, educational and cultural activities.

He was recognized as one of the young leaders in President Barack Obama’s Young Africa Leaders program. In addition to his role in the fashion world, Escalada also studied Political Science and Economics at the University of Houston.

He has participated in many fashion and beauty events nationally and internationally, He was the first runner*up Mr. Santa Isabel 2015. Judge and designer of some beauty pageants (Miss Africa USA, Miss Equatorial Guinea, Miss Santa Isabel, Miss Independence Equatorial Guinea USA) and one of the hosts of Miss Tourism 2013. His passion for art and humanitarian inspired him in the world of fashion. He began his career as an actor, writer, director and model before emerging as a fashion designer.